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Magnetic Therapy: using your jewelry history | therapy specifics | about our magnets | using your jewelry | how to care for your jewlery | general precautions

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To get the most out of your designer Magnetic Jewelry . . .

It is recommended that you wear magnetic jewelry directly on the skin wherever is most comfortable. A common misconception is that your magnetic bracelet or other jewelry must be placed tightly and directly around an area causing pain. The whole concept of magnetic therapy is based on increasing blood circulation throughout your body. Since blood circulates the body nearly three times per hour and over 60 times daily, it will inevitably pass through the magnetic field. However, for more immediate relief, the bracelet can be removed and rubbed gently on the localized pain source.

The effects of magnetic therapy surface over varying amounts of time and from person to person. An improvement may be seen after two days, or upwards of a month. The average time for most people to experience some degree of improvement is one to two weeks. To speed up the process and experience best results, people are encouraged to wear their magnetic bracelet overnight. This is typically only necessary for the first few weeks, then typical wearing habits can commence.