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Magnetic Therapy: eneral precautions history | therapy specifics | about our magnets | using your jewelry | how to care for your jewlery | general precautions

There are only a few special circumstances where people should be discouraged from seeking magnetic therapy or wearing magnetic jewelry. People with pacemakers or insulin pumps should not be around strong magnets. Cancer patients should consult their doctors before beginning any form of magnetic therapy. Additionally, patients should not discontinue medication or physical therapy because they have begun using magnets for relief.

fluxBe aware that magnets can interfere with the functioning of items in your environment. Keep a 4 foot distance from music tapes, Magnetic energy can potentially disrupt certain electronics or magnetic devices. It’s advised that magnets are kept a couple feet away from TVs, credit cards, watches and computers. Jewelry magnets will not typically harm most electronic products without direct contact to internal parts.