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Making Magnetic Jewelry

Therapeutic Designer Magnetic Bracelets From L Michaels

One of the common arguments against magnetic therapy is that few magnets will not create enough energy to have noticeable effects on an individual’s health. However, we use what are referred to as ‘permanent magnets’ to make our jewelry. Permanent field magnets are able to sustain a continuous flow of energy. These magnets are created by sending DC electricity through a piece of iron.

Furthermore, the magnetic pull can be strengthened by adding other elements. Our magnetic bracelets contain magnifying agents such as neodymium, copper and others. Neodymium magnets are among the most powerful permanent magnets available. Our neodymium magnetic healing jewelry is composed entirely of these powerful healing magnets. Neodymium magnets will not lose charge or diminish in their healing abilities over time.

To address concerns of whether or not sufficient magnetic energy is being produced, a strength rating is referenced. In order for magnetic jewelry to be beneficial for healing, it’s energy must be able to reach below the skins surface. A measurement of 800 gauss must be achieved to experience a noticeable impact on healing. Neodymium magnets far exceed the minimum value; their strength rating is an unmatched 5,000 gauss. This suggests that magnetic energy will influence up to four inches under the skin. And of course, additional magnets equals additional healing energy penetrating the skin from different angles. Our magnetic bracelets typically contain 50 lone magnets bound by their magnetic pull.