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Testimonials for L Michaels Jewelry Designs:
Very Stylish and Therapeutic Magnetic Jewelry

When I first became involved in this business, I had no clue about the therapeutic benefits of magnets.  I just thought that the wraps were cool and fun to sell.  Time went by and I noticed that a number of customers were reporting a reduction in symptoms for a number of physical complaints.  I was also being introduced to a number of books and articles by customers who had worn magnets previously and were knowledgeable about magnetic therapy.  I learned about Neodymium magnets and their ability to create a very effective magnetic field in the body and I decided to use them to develop a jewelry line.

 Now, I was not someone who typically wore jewelry.  I only began to wear one of my bracelets in earnest after my doctor informed me that the tingling and cold feeling in my feet and hands were due to a pinched nerve that I suffered while lifting weights.  The only treatment for this was a surgical procedure that I wanted no part of.  So, on came the bracelet.  I first noticed a difference towards the end of the first week and by the end of the second week, I was symptom free.  It was then that I became convinced that I had a product that could help people who suffered from a number of physical complaints.

I can now tell you with the utmost conviction that magnets have the ability to help the body to heal…my body.  I can also tell you with the same conviction that they have helped a number of people that I have come to personally know with symptoms associated with carpal tunnel, tendonitis, Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis, arthritis, sports related injuries, and a number of other ailments and health-related concerns.  Can I tell you with the same conviction that they will help you?  I can tell you that by wearing one of my bracelets, your ability to benefit will be significantly greater-than-chance and that it would be well worth your time and effort to check this out for yourself.

Michael U. Houston, Texas

I anxiously await receiving my new magnetic bracelet. I am firmly convinced of the healing properties of your jewelry and will be sure to recommend you to all of my friends. You have demonstrated that your customer service is exceptional!

Elaine E. Boise, ID

I purchased the bracelet to see if it would help with arthritis pain and swelling in my right thumb joint and I noticed over the two weeks that I wore it, that the swelling went down and I almost forgot I had pain the the joint. The magnetic bracelet definitely was effective in reducing the pain and swelling so I'm looking forward to seeing how much effect it will have over a longer period in hopes of completely avoiding surgery which comes with 4 months of recuperation time and a $6000.00 bill.

Bill G. Seattle, WA

The moment I saw your website, I knew I wanted one of your neodymium bracelets! They were beautiful, unique and fun! I'd never seen anything like them. I wear my bracelet ALL the time and get tons of compliments. One day, after wearing the bracelet for about 2 months, it occurred to me that the pain and stiffness that I'd been experiencing in my hands in the morning was just not there anymore, and hadn't been for some time. I'd been taking Glucosomine and Chondrointon for almost a year, yet the stiffness persisted, it had to be the bracelet! Now I sing the bracelet's praises to anyone who will listen. I've become quite evangelical about it. Thanks so much for making this amazing jewelry available. Keep up the good work!!

Deb P. Houston, TX

Hi Michael, My husband and I have had great success with pain management after wearing your magnetic jewelry. I wear your silver sphere necklace (product # NS4000SS) but only half of it, 26 beads, as a bracelet. My husband wears your product # BGM4050BN bracelet which is more substantial and probably has a higher gauss rating.

Kathleen P. San Antonio, TX

Michael, I received the two necklaces/bracelets today. They are beautiful. I bought two of these from you back in November, 2004. One for my granddaughter and one for myself. I wore mine to lunch last week with two of my friends. Bother friends were enthralled with my magnetic necklace/bracelet. When I got home I looked up my records from that sale in November, 2004 and got on line to see if you were still selling this product. Walla, you do. I hope that my friends like their surprise."

Betty M. Chicago IL

"My mom had a problem with carpal tunnel. She is also very particular about her jewelry. It has to be fashionable and eye catching for her to wear anything. She wore your magnetic bracelet all the time and it really made a difference. For her it's a blessing that the pain in her wrist is gone. For me, the smile on her face is priceless."

Sheila K. Houston, TX

I got the bracelet today and I “LOVE IT” ITS SO VERY NICE AND ACTUALLY LOOKS FEMININE AMD THAT IS GREAT. Because I am such a Tomboy at my age of over 50 but this is great and I surely do appreciate so much.  I am going to toot your business to everyone that I know.  Again I love it much.” 

Kathy B. Baytown, Texas

WOWW!!  I simply could not be happier; magnets for my health, uniqueness for my ego, grins for my soul.  I have decided on the black/silver, for now at least.  Thanks to your generosity I can replace black with gun metal at will.  What a nice thoughtful surprise.  Michael, I am a true fan.  If ever you need a customer reference, I am your huckleberry. 

Lee C.  Atlantic City, FL

I received my new bracelet and wanted to thank you very much. I am very satisfied and told all my friends and family what beautiful jewelry you have and how nice you were to me. Thank you again."

Michelle S. El Cajon CA

Here is a testimonial from a couple that I had met at a gift show who have since become a distributor for my magnetic jewelry – Michael U.


We are a married couple that have both experienced a lot of pain – and were always taking prescription pain medication for arthritis.  I have bad knees and have had spinal surgery (which has left me with chronic lower back pain).  My husband has arthritis in his chest area since it was opened in 1998 for bi-pass surgery. We had heard of magnetic therapy, but never thought of it for ourselves until we met a man that designed magnetic jewelry and had a company that made these products.  We found them to be both fashionable and beautiful; not therapeutic looking at all.  We questioned how wearing a bracelet around a wrist could help back, chest, or knees.  It was explained to us that the blood makes a complete cycle through your body every 22 minutes, and during that time, it passes through the magnetic field. We figured "Why Not!"  I think we both forgot we were wearing bracelets until we realized how much time had passed, and neither of us was looking for the pills that we usually took every 4 to 6 hours.  Surprised?  You bet!"

Sheri and Alan F, San Antonio Texas

Here is another testimonial from a customer who has since become one of my most dedicated distributors – Michael U.


I started selling these bracelets originally because I thought men would think they were neat, play with them and buy them. And they did. Well, they started coming back to me and telling me they were amazing, and that they really worked. This got me interested as I am a certified science teacher. I started doing research on my own, and had my parents wear them as guinea pigs. They wouldn't’t take them off! Their pain was greatly reduced, and my mother’s carpal tunnel, for which she had had surgery once, went away. They slept better, almost from the first night they wore them.

We were amazed. I started placing larger and larger orders, and my clients started buying more and more…and I started hearing more and more how it took away the pain…in some people it took it all away. Young boys with growing pains and leg cramps at night were wearing them on their ankle under their socks…and it worked! Older people with pain were wearing them, stroke victims were wearing them, and insomniacs were wearing them…all telling me what great results they were getting! Of course I wear one at night to sleep myself…and for pain. I have Fibromyalgia. I started out purchasing 10 – 20 of these bracelets at a time…I now purchase hundreds at a time. And I sell them all. This is one product, that although I didn't’t think it would work as a pain reliever, I can honestly say…they do work, and for some people work amazingly well. For some…they call it a miracle. It is a wonderful feeling selling something that helps so many lessen their pain.

Michele M. San Antonio, Texas

I have rheumatoid arthritis and Fibromyalgia & I just want you to know that the pain has subsided so much. It is a miracle to me how much better I feel. My daughter did have knee surgery and the extra large magnets you sent her really helped with her recovery. Thank you so much.

Gloria L. Katy, Texas

I use your magnets every day and I sear by it because it helps me with my carpal tunnel syndrome.

Nenita K. Las Vegas, Nevada

Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I really never expected the bracelet to do much for me. I bought it because I liked the way that it looked and the price was right. I figured that I didn't’t have much to lose if it didn't’t work. Was I ever amazed at the results after only a couple of days. There is much more freedom of movement in my legs and general pain relief.

Jerriann K. San Antonio TX

Dear Michael, Thanks so much for your quick response and great customer service. I have told all my friends about these bracelets and your fast customer service and have had lots of interest.  Plus, the magnets really work well.  I let my friend take mine home last night and wear it for the day and she has already called and asked where I bought it.  I am taking your brochure with me tonight to the music hall where all the lady’s sit and gossip all night while the men play music so I hope to give you more business.  I have another friend who type’s all day for a living and she is ordering one for her hands.  Good luck in the future.

Judy H.  Walhalla S.C.

Dear Mike,  My package arrived last Friday and I am thrilled with the jewelry.  Thanks so much for the anklet.  I will wear it with pleasure and remain pain free.   It was great of you to enclose the extra links for the bracelets. The magnets really do help me and I enjoy wearing them fashionably!  I am currently wearing my “creative” anklets and have gotten quite a few compliments about them.  I have referred them to your website and I hope that they purchase.  Again, good luck with your business.  I am sure you will have great success. 

Marlene S  Cicero, IL

Good evening.  The bracelets arrived safe and sound today.  They both are incredible.  Naturally, I’ve been sporting one off today!  Our oldest daughters are just raving!  I will be a return customer.  Once again thank you very much for such quality and service. 

Tricia J. Norton, KS

Dear Michael, Thank you!  I am very excited about my new purchases.  They look great as well as take the pain away.

Madilyn S. Houston TX

"Michael, the bracelets arrived safe and sound yesterday and I love them both!! I slept in them last night and feel like a new woman this morning. I have 18 holes of golf waiting for me, and I am ready. Thanks so much."

Clare B Kay TX

I’ve been told that I should be a spokesperson about the benefits of magnets as I tell anyone who will listen.  I will surely pass news of your website and fabulous jewelry as the best place to purchase your fine products.  Keep up the great work!"

Marlene S. Cicero IL