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Bracelet, necklace, anklet, choker and more..wrap it anywhere and anyway that you like. Our Hematite Jewelry Wraps offer an exotic contemporary look that is sure to appeal to the most discriminating fashionista. These eye-catching beaded strands are handcrafted and require no clasp. The faceted hematite magnetic beads in each wrap are evenly spaced between other beads so that they align and hold it in place. Each wrap is 32” long and comes with a silk pouch. Our wraps do not include plastic beads and are laced on a sterling silver wire as opposed to less expensive fishing rod wire.

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WSAC100Amber Crunch: Wow! We are truly excited about this wrap. Big chunks of amber colored stones separated with yellow glass beads... it is a beauty. Buy two and wear them as a necklace and bracelet together.

WSRR100Rocky Road: Polished earth and ebony colored stones... It is a solid, subtle, yet strikingly handsome piece that speaks for itself.
Stone WSAC100 $15.00 buy_button.gif Stone WSRR100 $15.00 buy_button.gif

WSPSL100Purple Silver Lining: The stones that make up this piece look as if they have been soaked in grape juice. The Bali silver spacers and black hematite beads highlight the rich purple tones to create a highly desirable and alluring look. It can be worn for both casual and formal affairs and is sure to draw compliments.

WSSB100Sandy Beach: Perfect for a summer-surfer look... this one is a delight to wear. It is light and breezy. For those tanned and fun bikini days, Sandy Beach is a great accent.
Stone WSPSL100 $15.00 buy_button.gif Stone WSSB100 $15.00 buy_button.gif

WSGJS100Golden Jade Stone: This magnetic wrap is a knockout. Golden fresh water pearls intermingled with jade colored stones make for a pleasing contrast and beautiful design. It’s a wonderful piece and you’ll be sure to set a trend.

WSBV100Black Velvet: This fabulous piece of jewelry demands attention. Rich black lacquer stones surrounded by black hematite beads are what give this piece its rich and modernistic style. It’s bold, daring, and not for the meek or shy.
Stone WSGJS100 $15.00 buy_button.gif Stone WSBV100 $15.00 buy_button.gif

WSRS100Rainbow Stones: This is a magnetic wrap that is sure to excite and enlighten the senses. Green, orange, and yellow tumbled stones offset with white chunky marbled rocks are what make this piece of jewelry so eye-catching.

WSWR100White Rose: A white rose is special and so is this beautiful rose quartz colored wrap. This is a mystical, magical, and versatile piece of jewelry that is sure to enchant and win others over.
Stone WSRS100 $15.00 buy_button.gif Stone WSWR100 $15.00 buy_button.gif

WSGH100Golden Hearthstone: Awesome describes this magnetic wrap. It is a mixture of deep rich chestnut colored stones ensconced in yellow-gold Fresh Water Pearls. It is a Laura Michaels favorite and we think that it will be yours as well.

WSBT100Blue Thunder: Soft blue colored pieces of stone make up this chunky design. The color is soft.   The design is bold. It is a great piece.
Stone WSGH100 $15.00 buy_button.gif Stone WSBT100 $15.00 buy_button.gif

WSEBS100Ebony Sparkle: Big pieces of deep black sparkling stones are what make this design explode. It is a bold choice and looks great with any black outfit.

WSMS100Mosaic Stone: This magnetic wrap is a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors and will compliment almost any outfit. It is a youthful, fun, and playful piece of jewelry. It is perfect for spring and summer dress-ups or to brighten your fall and winter wardrobe.
Stone WSEBS100 $15.00 buy_button.gif Stone WSMS100 $15.00 buy_button.gif
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Find all styles and colors of our stone hematite jewelry below. Buy hematite bracelets and wraps with the assurance of our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

*Get a free silk jewelry pouch with each magnetic wrap purchase.