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Bracelet, necklace, anklet, choker and more..wrap it anywhere and anyway that you like. Our Hematite Jewelry Wraps offer an exotic contemporary look that is sure to appeal to the most discriminating fashionista. These eye-catching beaded strands are handcrafted and require no clasp. The faceted hematite magnetic beads in each wrap are evenly spaced between other beads so that they align and hold it in place. Each wrap is 32” long and comes with a silk pouch. Our wraps do not include plastic beads and are laced on a sterling silver wire as opposed to less expensive fishing rod wire.

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WPPJ100Pearl Jubilee: Colors Galore!! A beautiful array of multicolored pastel pearls. This magnetic wrap is sure to delight. It’s playful, whimsical, and just plain pretty.

WPLSSS100Sweet Lilac Silver Series: Soft pastel lavender Fresh Water Pearls with lavender glass beads and our silver Tibeten beads. It is delicate and feminine.
Pearl WPPJ100 $15.00 buy_button.gif Pearl WPLSSS100 $15.00 buy_button.gif

WPSG100Sweet Green: Delicate mint green Fresh Water Pearls mixed with soft green glass beads and separated with our Bali Sterling Silver spacers. This design is a wonderful compliment to any shade of green or tan.

WPOSCW100Orange Sunshine Cat EyeThe name of this magnetic wrap says it all. Sunset orange cat’s eye beads laced with beautiful white Fresh Water Pearls make this a very appealing and desirable piece of jewelry. It looks great with summery pastel outfits or with autumn earth tones..
Pearl WPSG100 $15.00 buy_button.gif Pearl WPOSCW100 $15.00 buy_button.gif

WPPP100Plush Pink: Got pink? We do. We love this design. It is pink with plenty of pizzazz all the way through.

WPBS100Blue Sunset: Sometimes pink and sometimes orange… these teardrop shaped beads provide an iridescent background for the teal colored Fresh Water Pearl. You’ll love the look of our Blue Sunset.
Pearl WPPP100 $15.00 buy_button.gif Pearl WPBS100 $15.00 buy_button.gif

WPWOB100White on Blue Silver Series: Sky blue cat's eye beads intermingled with white Fresh Water Pearls... It is a soft and feminine design.

WPRP100Raspberry Pearl: Gorgeous Raspberry colored Fresh Water Pearls create a neon look that makes this piece of jewelry pop. Whether you are dressed up or going casual, this is a contemporary piece that looks chic and feels great. For a fun time, call Raspberry Pearl.
Pearl WPWOBSS100 $15.00 buy_button.gif Pearl WPRP100 $15.00 buy_button.gif

WPT100Tuxedo: One of our personal favorites... this design is a true classic with large white Fresh Water Pearls highlighting black glass and hematite beads.  It’s ideal for an elegant look and a dressy evening out.

WPTW100Twilight: Soft and subtle... A gentle champagne Fresh Water Pearl with cranberry red glass beads... Looks great with burgundy, green, beige and pastels. Contemporary and Classic...
Pearl WPT100 $15.00 buy_button.gif Pearl WPTW100 $15.00 buy_button.gif

WPFC100Femcat Silver Series: White Fresh Water Pearls offset these pink and purple cat's eye beads. Whatever your age, you will find this wrap to be both delicate and exciting.

WPSE100Simple Elegance: White egg shaped beads really pop with the dark gray black hematite color. Looks great with white or black.
Pearl WPFCSS100 $15.00 buy_button.gif Pearl WPSE100 $15.00 buy_button.gif
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Choose from our many designs and buy hematite jewelry directly from our online store. Our handcrafted pieces are comfortable, affordable and always stylish.

*Order a magnetic wrap now and receive a free silk jewelry pouch.