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Our elegant magnetic necklaces are part of our Neodymium Jewelry Collection. These therapeutic necklaces showcase an intermingling of aesthetically pleasing shapes and colors. Our designs range from the sleek and subtle to those that make a fashion statement and are sure to get you noticed.

Neodymium Magnetic Healing Bracelets offer alternative health and therapeutic benefits.
Magnetic Jewelry is being turned to by more individuals each day as an alternative treatment approach to relieve the pain and symptoms associated with:

  • Tendonitis
  • Sports Related
  • No drugs
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Injuries
  • No side effects
  • Body Aches
  • Arthritis
  • Interchangeable
  • Tennis Elbow
  • 100% safe
  • Adjustable
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Necklace N1000GG $79.97 buy_button.gif Necklace N1000GS $79.97 buy_button.gif


Necklace N1000SBN $79.97 buy_button.gif Necklace N1000SG $79.97 buy_button.gif


Necklace N1000SS $79.97 buy_button.gif Necklace NS008 $85.97 buy_button.gif
  Bracelet BS008 $69.97 buy_button.gif
Anklet AS008 $69.97 buy_button.gif


Necklace NS2000BNBN $85.97 buy_button.gif Necklace NS2000BNS $85.97 buy_button.gif


Necklace NS2000GG $85.97 buy_button.gif Necklace NS2000GS $85.97 buy_button.gif


Necklace NS2000SBN $85.97 buy_button.gif Necklace NS2000SG $85.97 buy_button.gif
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Each of our fashionable therapeutic necklaces measures 18” long and 1/4 inch wide.  Each of these necklaces can become an anklet, bracelet, or choker by removing some of the magnets.  They can also be bought separately.

  • B=Bracelets (81/2” long)
  • CH=Chokers (16” long)
  • A=Anklets (10” long)
  • N=Necklaces (18” long)

  • More benefits associated with magnetic health bracelets are:

    • No Drugs
    • Increase Energy
    • Improve Balance
    • Improve Immunity

    Our magnetic necklaces are composed of high quality Neodymium magnets. These magnets create a magnetic field deep within the skin and have a well respected reputation for healing and overall health. Each healing necklace has a measured strength of 6-7,000 gauss and their strong attraction to one another locks them into place. No clasp, elastic band, or wire is required. They can be opened and closed at any juncture and sized for that just-right-fit by removing some of the magnets. Our one of a kind resin is applied to each magnetic bead to preserve the color and integrity of the jewelry.

    Customers have given our magnetic necklaces very favorable reviews.  They not only appreciate the relief that they have brought them, but also the compliments that they receive while wearing them.  Many of our customers had given up on wearing jewelry because they were unable to manage the clasp.  They are now thrilled that they are able to wear jewelry again.

    Come and join our many satisfied customers.  Our jewelry is reasonably priced and we want for you to order with the peace of mind of having a 90 day 100% money back guarantee.  Please select from one of the many necklaces that are available and begin to feel good both inside and out.