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our unique hematite jewelry

Magnetic Beaded Hematite Jewelry by L Michaels

Hematite is a natural substance made from iron ore. When polished, it has an attractive black-gray sheen with an almost mirror quality. When faceted, it is known as a "black diamond". Hematite jewelry can be worn with evening attire or with any casual outfit. For more on the healing properties of hematite magnetic jewelry please see our therapy section.

Cloisonné is a famous traditional enamelware with a history of over 500 years. It is one of the more widely known arts and crafts of Bejing. The making of Cloisonné requires elaborate and complicated processes. These processes include base-hammering, copper-strip inlay, soldering, enamel-filling, enamel-firing, polishing and gilding. Each Cloisonné bead inlayed in our hematite jewelry line is a tiny work of art. Cloisonné comes in a variety of colors including blues, aquas, reds, pinks and pure white accented with deep burgundies and greens.

Many of our hematite necklaces, bracelets and wraps feature Cultured Fresh Water Pearls. These brilliant pearls come from fresh water mussels. They are available in a variety of pastel shades including white, black, pink, peach, lime, lavender, plum, purple and tangerine. Cultured Fresh Water Pearls are considered by many to offer the power of love, money, protection and luck. They are believed to keep children safe. Fresh Water Pearls are known as the queen of gems and symbolize purity and innocence.

Choose from four different categories of magnetic hematite jewelry:


Magnetic Necklace: Wrap these beaded strands any way and every way to get the perfect look for you. Magnetic necklaces can be worn in place as chokers or wrapped loosely to rest just above the collarbone. Looks great when worn with a button collar for a bolo tie effect or draped down the front of a turtleneck. For those backless evenings, wrap it as a choker in the front and let the ends fall down your back. Sexy, sophisticated, playful and yourself.

Magnetic Bracelet: Looking for a cool cuff? We've got one for you. The hematite magnets align effortlessly to hold the bracelet in place. Wrap it looser for a bangle effect. These amazing magnetic healing bracelets are lightweight and comfortable.

Magnetic Anklet: The perfect fit every time. Wrap these beaded designs around the ankle for an eye-catching look. Dress up a summer sandal or accent an evening pump.

Pet Jewelry: The versatility of this magnetic pet jewelry wraps beyond our species. Don't forget your furry friends.

Many people believe that magnetic therapy can help to relieve pain and increase circulation. We make no medical claim on these pieces of hematite jewelry. We simply offer what we consider to be high quality magnetic jewelry at very affordable prices.


         100% Guarantee