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Bracelet, necklace, anklet, choker and more..wrap it anywhere and anyway that you like. Our Hematite Jewelry Wraps offer an exotic contemporary look that is sure to appeal to the most discriminating fashionista. These eye-catching beaded strands are handcrafted and require no clasp. The faceted hematite magnetic beads in each wrap are evenly spaced between other beads so that they align and hold it in place. Each wrap is 32” long and comes with a silk pouch. Our wraps do not include plastic beads and are laced on a sterling silver wire as opposed to less expensive fishing rod wire.

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WCAI100Aqua Ice: A true favorite... Aqua colored cloisonné beads with white Fresh Water Pearls and aqua glass beads. This is a great companion for dressy denim.

WCBR100Blue Ribbon: Striking navy cloisonné beads with navy glass bead accents and white Fresh Water Pearls. A real eye catcher... wear it with denim or for a dressy night out.
Cloisonné WCAI100 $17.00 buy_button.gif Cloisonné WCBR100 $17.00 buy_button.gif

WCPI100Pink Ice: Our delicate white cloisonné bead enveloped in a white Fresh Water Pearl and pink glass bead. It is classy with a hint of whimsy.

WCFL100Fashionably Lime: This is one of our more classic designs. Black cloisonné beads are complimented by green cat’s eye and black glass beads. The green bead is a true lime color and really stands out against the black accents. We think this is a fashion-forward piece.
Cloisonné WCPI100 $17.00 buy_button.gif Cloisonné WCFL100 15.00 buy_button.gif

WCRI100Red Ice: Stunning red cloisonné beads with white Fresh Water Pearls and red glass bead accents.   Beautiful rich red... Dress it up or go casual... You'll win with any red outfit.

WCPP100Purple Passion: Deep purple cloisonné beads framed with a White Fresh Water Pearls on one end and a purple glass bead on the other. This color is rich and exciting.
Cloisonné WCRI100 $17.00 buy_button.gif Cloisonné WCPP100 17.00 buy_button.gif

WCCB100Classic Black: Black cloisonné beads with black glass beads. Bold and striking... a real crowd pleaser.

WCWP100Whispery Purple: Subtle. Yet vibrant. This is a very attractive item that you will be pleased to adorn. A compliment to any outfit.
Cloisonné WCCB100 15.00 buy_button.gif Cloisonné WCWP100 15.00 buy_button.gif

WCCW100Classic White: Beautiful white cloisonné beads with white Fresh Water Pearl accent beads and gold colored spacers. A must for summer and winter whites...

WCBB100Braeburn: Beautiful apple red glass beads combined with red cloisonné beads. It will add zest to any outfit.
Cloisonné WCCW100 $17.00 buy_button.gif Cloisonné WCBB100 15.00 buy_button.gif

WCSN100Starry Night: This is our classic black cloisonné bead style with silver spacers. Looks super with silver or gold.

WCSW100Sunset White: A unique peachy-pink cloisonné bead offset with a white Fresh Water Pearl. Looks fabulous with white or earth tones.
Cloisonné WCSN100 15.00 buy_button.gif Cloisonné WCSW100 $17.00 buy_button.gif
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You will see our entire catalog of magnetic hematite jewelry available online. Order your favorite pieces today with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can even combine two more magnetic wrap bracelets for a most dramatic look.

*All magnetic wraps come with a free black silk pouch