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L Michaels Jewelry Wholesale Program

Thank you for your interest in may magnetic jewelry lines.

Wholesale Magnetic Jewelry From L Michaels

I offer two different lines of magnetic jewelry: A Neodymium Line and a Hematite Line.
You can view these lines on this website.

Wholesale Policies:
To place a wholesale order:


  • email
  • fax 713-771-3112
  • Phone: 1-866-510-8858 (domestic) 713-963-9343 (international & local).


  • You must provide a Sales Tax Number to place an order
  • There is no minimum-My goal is to build a relationship with you
  • I make exchanges for any items that do not appeal to your customer base within 30 days.
  • I replace damaged items no questions asked or I will send you replacement parts
  • I have a 30 day return policy or I will honor yours
  • I accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and company checks
  • I offer terms of up to net 30 for payment (once your credit has been established)
  • I ship within 2-3 days of receipt of an order (unless specified otherwise)
  • I send you an 8” x 11” poster with your first order to help you to customize a display for my jewelry .
  • I require that you agree to a minimum price point for retail sales of my Neodymium line. Please go to the contact us page to inquire about my minimum retail price points
  • While I do not provide displays per se, I recommend acrylic displays and suggest the following links: and as sources for them. Of course, you can simply display the jewelry in the leatherette boxes that they come in.


Neodymium Line:

  • My suggested retail prices are listed on the website.
  • A written copy of my wholesale & retail price points can be obtained by going to the contact us page and filling out the inquiry form.
  • Each item in my neodymium line is accompanied by a brochure that includes information about neodymium magnets, magnetic therapy, how to achieve benefits and care for it.
  • Each item comes in a leatherette box with my LM logo on the cover


Hematite Line:

  • My Hematite line includes magnetic wraps and each comes in a silk pouch
  • My suggested retail prices are listed on the website
  • A written copy of my wholesale & retail price points can be obtained by going to the contact us page and filling out the inquiry form.


My Magnetic Jewelry appeals to a wide variety of people and transcends a number of different Categories: Heath and Fitness, Executive Gifts, Promotional Gifts, Men’s Gifts, Accessories, Jewelry, etc.. I represent one of a very few companies that are ushering in a new era of magnetic jewelry where fashion and health come together. My designs are unique and you will have the exclusive right to distribute them in your area (as defined by your zip code). I offer a large profit margin and the opportunity to develop a prosperous working relationship.

I hope that the information that I have provided answers your potential questions and I am excited about the possibility of being selected as one of your vendors.

Michael Unger
L Michaels Jewelry Designs
6000 Reims #2107
Houston, Texas 77036