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Featured blog entry “Magnetic Therapy Jewelry” on the Wellshpere website

“If you follow holistic medicine you might have heard of magnetic stones and the way they can help heal. This is not a is not a new idea at all. Many cultures, for centuries have used magnets in holistic medicine. Some historians believe that magnetic therapy dates back more than 4,000 years....”

Featured on the fashion blog “Fashion On a Dime”

“If you look good, you feel good. It’s why fashion has made such an impact on our society and our lives. And thanks to one company, feeling good is part of the business model...”

Featured on The Brazilian Crerrado's Crafts website:
The main goal of "The Brazilian Cerrado's Crafts" is to share with artists and people around the world the work done by artisans who living in this biome. In general, they are simple people but with an enormous power of creation. Various educational projects teach these artists to explore the Cerrado in a sustainable way.

Featured on The Advice Sisters website: Everything You Need for Life, Love, Success & Happiness!

Featured on Belle Femme

L Michaels Jewelry is featured on the blog


Combine Better Health With Chic Accessories

Accessorize your way to better health this season!

“Introducing a new line of healing jewelry that is helping people feel their best both inside and out! Think re-trend in magnetic therapy…L Michaels Designer Magnetic Jewelry is where health and style combine...”

L Michaels Jewelry was featured on NBC's Today Show on May 7, 2009.

Watch the video.


"...Finally, Laura Michaels’ magnetic jewelry breaks apart to allow for redesign or custom sizing. Tell mom these bracelets are symbolic of the fact that you’re bound by more than birth, and it’s still impossible to keep you two apart! ($42-$58;"


"Finding that perfect Father's Day gift!" L Michaels Jewelry was featured on KEYETV  Austin, Texas, on June 11, 2009. Watch the video.



Father's Day is a little more than a week away, and some entrepreneurs are offering cool gifts any dad will love.

L Michaels Jewelry: Men’s Magnetic and Therapeutic Jewelry for Dad

For the stylish Dad who may have some aches and pains. L Michaels Jewelry is Texas-based and the brainchild of a Houston psychologist, Dr. Michael Unger. The jewelry is made of special magnets that also have healing qualities. Magnetic therapy is known to help with: tendonitis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, and arthritis. This jewelry can be bought in different sizes and be worn as necklaces, or bracelets. The bracelets come in great masculine colors; it’s fashionable and practical. They are also an official vendor of the PGA. Prices vary based on pieces, but end to be $25.00 - $60.00


L Michaels Jewelry Designs is an official vendor for the PGA.



SUN NEWSPAPERS | Port Charlotte
Published on: Sunday, February 15, 2009
Different and new at the PGA
Dan Shube column


I know you are waiting to hear which new driver can send your golf ball into orbit, but you will have to wait while I tell you about a few unique accessories I found at this year's PGA Merchandise Show.


For the past year, I've been wearing a bracelet and a necklace that was supposed to provide medicinal benefits. I'm still not so sure I feel any better, but I liked the look.


This year I discovered a new line of jewelry from LMichaels Jewelry. This line consists of very powerful magnets disguised as beautiful necklaces, bracelets and rings. I especially liked the hematite, but your special lady might prefer the pearls.

The real unique twist here is that the magnets are what hold the links together. So you can easily adjust the size and -- get this -- you can take a necklace and turn it into a bracelet AND a ring! The prices also are reasonable; most necklaces are about $60, bracelets about $50, and many items are even less expensive. Go to the Web site at to learn more and order direct.


Here's another neat item. I first found it last year, but now it is new and improved. It is called FiZ from FiZGOLF.


Last year, they introduced a Co2-propelled mini-canister that can clip onto your golf bag. A high-powered cleaning solution foams out to clean your golf ball and/or clubhead. Each bottle holds more than 350 sprays and retails for $9.95.


This year, FiZGOLF introduced the FiZ DT Combination Divot Tool/Golf Ball Cleaner. "We combined the need to fix the ball mark and clean the ball into one convenient device," said Aaron Heap, founder and president of FiZGOLF. "We want to simplify the pre-putt routine. There's no longer a need for towels or spray bottles to clean the ball before placing it on the green."


The FiZ DT is a lightweight aluminum tool with a hydrophilic cleaning sponge that's ergonomically angled to remove grass stains, dirt and other debris hidden within a golf ball's dimples. The FiZ DT retails for $12.99. Both the FiZ and the FiZ DT can be custom logoed. For more information, call 801-355-5300 or visit


Daniel Shube, a member of the Golfwriters Association of America, has been writing about golf and travel in Florida and abroad since 1996. Contact him directly with comments or ideas at, or messages for him can be left through this newspaper.

NFL Greats Receiving a Gift That Keeps on Giving


Laura Michaels Jewelry were a hit at Mike Ditka's Charity Event in Chicago.


Houston, TX (PRWeb) August 31, 2008 -- Many of the Top Hall of Fame Football Players were ecstatic to Receive Laura Michaels Jewelry, at Mike Ditka Charity Event in Chicago. This jewelry is not only designed for the fashion conscious, it is totally made up of the strongest and most respected magnets in the industry for healing and health-related purposes. Many of the celebrities in attendance had heard about this amazing line and were captivated by the realization that they could enhance their look while receiving much needed health benefits.


The benefit of wearing stylish designer jewelry as a risk free alternative to prescription medication for pain relief could not have had more appeal. Mike Ditka, an advocate for retired and injured athletes, commented on the fact that he would definitely wear this bracelet.


Many of the players like; Deacon Jones, Bobby Bell, Gale Sayers, Jack Youngblood, and Paul Hornung were adamant about not leaving without one. With over 100 plus styles available, including very feminine designs, chokers, anklets, and necklaces. Gavin Keilly, CEO of GBK Productions, who created this gifting opportunity, said, "A number of players made sure that they did not return home empty handed, so they picked out a beautiful bracelet for their significant other."


Laura Michaels Jewelry Designs also offers a line of magnetic hematite. These beaded wraps are also created with fashion and health in mind. They are available in a choice of colorful cultured freshwater pearls, beautiful, hand-painted Cloisonne, sparkling glass beads, Tibetan sterling silver tube beads, and Bali spacers. Approximately 70 different styles are available. They are held in place when the faceted hematite magnetic beads align and can be worn as a bracelet, anklet, or necklace. Wear the necklace anyway you want; as a choker or wrapped looser to rest just above the collar bone. These unique wraps are fun, exotic, contemporary, charming and sophisticated.


You can read the online version of this press release here.


Michael Unger with Mike Ditka


L Michaels Jewelry Designs has been invited by GBK Productions to have their jewelry represented in their gift bags that were distributed at: The Mike Ditka Celebrity Golf Tournament, The Grammy Awards, The Emmys, and The Academy Awards. Mike is wear the Mini bracelet style BM4050SS

Briefs that boost among beauty’s best

Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:06 PM EDT

Tools of attraction
Fashion and beauty brands are proving that magnets are good for more than just your refrigerator! Thanks to their magnetic force, Laura Michaels Jewelry Designs can be reworked into endless options. As an added bonus, some health professionals are even using these bracelets to help treat carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, arthritis, tendinitis and other body aches and pains. ($44-$54;


L Michaels Jewelry is a member of Jewelers of Lousiana