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the backstory

Four years ago, my wife told the following story about how we were first inspired to create and launch our business…

“My husband is a psychologist who works with children, and his office is filled with numerous interactive toys... from robots to miniature UFOs to tie-dyed dinosaurs and purple hippos. He, himself, is somewhat of a child and is always on the lookout for new and exotic playthings to add to his office collection, (He insists that they're for the children).

Last summer, while visiting my husband's family, we hopped into the car one afternoon and went for a leisurely drive. We were enjoying the scenery when we came upon a quaint little town with an even quainter little town store. I was browsing on my own when I noticed these beautiful bracelets. I was instantly drawn to them. I called my husband over and asked the salesperson about them.  She demonstrated to us that these bracelets were very versatile and could be worn as a bracelet, choker, necklace, or anklet... just the thing for a creative and playful mind. My husband and I were enthralled by this discovery and we had a blast as he had me try them on in a number of different ways. He has always been interested in magnets and the fact that they were an integral part of the bracelet was an added bonus. I was taken in by their beauty, versatility and affordability. So, we bought one.

It was weeks later when we were back in Texas that I decided to wear my new bracelet to a party. Someone commented on how pretty it looked. Well, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to show it off and so I uncoiled it from my wrist and showed him how it worked. After much persuading and pleading he convinced me to sell it to him!  He then gave it to a woman he was wooing that night, and she was thrilled. I unfortunately never found out what became of their relationship but for us, a light bulb went off.

That evening on the drive home, my husband and I decided to design our own line of these remarkable and affordable pieces of jewelry. While my husband would continue to maintain his psychology practice, he realized that by developing this business together, we would have the perfect opportunity to collaborate on something together. In fact, I had wanted for him to find a project that we could both engage in for some time previously.

We are very proud of our designs and the quality and craftsmanship of our beads. We hope you enjoy them and wear them in good health.”

Today, I am just as fascinated by and dedicated to this business as I was back then. My wife recognized this and generously provided me with the opportunity to continue my involvement by relinquishing her interest in the business at the time of our divorce. I have since changed the name of the company from:


“Laura Michaels Jewelry Designs”


“L Michaels Jewelry Designs”.

I am proud to say that L Michaels Jewelry Designs is fast becoming a brand name and that my products are currently on display in a number of retail stores across the country, Canada, and on a number of e-commerce websites. The majority of my distributors have experienced health benefits from wearing my jewelry and so have a number of their customers. I believe that this is due not only to the strength of the magnets that I use, but also to the designer aspect of our jewelry. In other words, a person can not benefit from magnets unless he or she wears them. With this in mind, I design my jewelry to appeal to my customer's sense of fashion. I therefore look at this as an opportunity to improve the health and well being of others. Addressing health through fashion is an exciting vision to wake up to each day.

I have expanded my magnetic hematite and neodymium line to include over 200 different designs. New designs and new creations are in the works. Please log onto my blog or follow me on twitter to learn about our new developments and other featured topics.

Thank you for visiting my website. Good luck, good fortune and happiness always.

Michael Unger