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L Michaels Jewelry Drop Ship Program

Magnetic Jewelry: Drop Ship Program

L Michaels Jewelry Designs offers a drop ship program that is tailor made to help your business adapt and remain profitable during these tough economic times. It is basically a win-win proposition that allows you to...




For Store Locations

If your customer can not find an item that you have on display that appeals to him or her:


  • Show them the catalog (no prices are shown)
  • See if they find an item that they would like to order
  • If so, make the transaction and email me the order. I will need your customer’s name, address, and the model number of the item(s) ordered
  • I will process your order within two days
  • I will ship the order to your customer with your return address on the package
  • I will email you the tracking number
  • I will send you an invoice for the wholesale cost of the item plus the cost of shipping
  • Shipping cost for one item is $3.95 for items shipped within the USA. Add $1.00 for each additional item
  • Shipping cost for items shipped outside of the USA starts at $5.95 plus $1.00 for each additional item.


For E-Commerce Businesses

You must meet the qualifications for participation


To Qualify:


  • You must be a company with a valid sales tax number
  • You must have a registered website (URL)
  • Your website must be active and presently selling products
  • Online auctions, eBay stores, and bargain/discount websites are ineligible
  • You agree to include the Patent # on your website if you display items from my Neodymium line
  • You agree to identify my company “L Michaels Jewelry Designs” as the manufacturer of the jewelry
  • You agree to the minimum retail price points that I have established for my neodymium line. Go to the Contact Us page to inquire about my minimum retail price points


Once You Have Qualified:


  • I then send you my wholesale and retail price points and my catalog
  • I will e-mail you images from my catalog that you have selected as items that you would like to download onto your website.
  • I provide you with copy from my website upon approval
  • Customers order directly from you, at whatever price you are able to charge
  • Once you have verified payment, you send the order to me via my email address
  • I ship your products directly to your customers (with your return address) and provide you with a tracking number
  • I email you an invoice for the wholesale cost of the product plus the shipping charge (see shipping charges above)
  • I assist you with any customer service issues that may arise.


For more information, call us or ask a question using the form on the contact page.